Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letters To My Children - October 2013

The whole clan...including the big kid :)

Dear Kids,

Instead of choosing one to write to this month, I am dedicating this entry to all of you :)

Our family has gone through so many changes in the past year. Alexa moved away to college. Happily, not too far away, but 1.5 hours is definitely away! I miss having you in the house every day but it makes me so happy when you come to visit! Noah is in high school now and *almost* taller than me (although you would say you ARE taller haha). Jillian is getting so big. I often think to myself that you are 12, forgetting you are only 11. You are just getting so grown up! Defne has just started ballet and soon, preschool! Destina. You are just too cute, talking up a storm and (we hope) potty training soon! You each are so wonderful in your own way, growing, turning into the people you were meant to become and it is my blessing to be here to help and guide you the best I can.

I love the times we spend together even when they are rushed, each of you going in 5 different directions all the time, it seems like. Photos are even more important as I realize how fast you are all growing up and for once, we all came together in the same place to do the same thing a couple days ago. Family photos at the park were fun and I think they came out great :)

Love you guys. So so much....


Defne, 4 years
Alexa, Jillian, Noah. My 3 older guys.

Sister love :)

My boy. Noah, 15 years.

Alexa, Jillian, Noah, Defne.

My girl.

Destina, 22 months. My baby.

Jillian, 11 years (going on 30 LOL)

Alexa, 18 years.

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  1. Beautiful letter! I don't even want to think about my boys and college! I can't believe she is in college already!